Explain your social value


  • Herts Insight - information and statistics about Hertfordshire and its local communities.

    Herts Insight

Understanding social value

  • GOV.UK's Social Value Act information includes examples of services commissioned by public bodies that added social value for local communities.
  • The Social Value Hub offers a wide range of free guides, case studies and videos about social value in the UK.

Increase and measure your social impact

  • The Social Value Portal allows businesses, communities, public services and voluntary organisations to share information and increase social value. Organisations can find out what their local communities need, incorporate social value into their contract bids and measure their social value.
  • Inspiring Impact has resources to help you plan, evidence and learn from the impact of your work, including a self-assessment tool: Measuring Up!
  • Measuring social impact - This guide from the Foundation of Social Return on Investment uses case studies to help you measure your impact.
  • The Know How Non Profit website features seven tips on how to communicate your impact, as well as a self assessment tool to examine your organisation's performance.
  • Opening a new window Social investment (PDF 467kb) Opening new window - This guide from the Cass Business School explains how you can secure funding by demonstrating the impact of your proposed work.
  • Sport England evaluation framework - This resource aims to help Sport England colleagues and partners to evaluate funding streams and projects effectively, and get maximum value from measurement and evaluation.

Case studies