Adult Care Commissioning Teams

Invitation to be part of local conversations.

Adult Care Commissioning teams will be hosting a series of conversations with local, regional and national organisations from July onwards. These conversations will cover a number of themes and are an opportunity for any providers nationwide or local to influence how they commission our services.

To reserve a place at one of these events, please email: including details of which events you would like to attend.


Working with the Community First Strategy 1-5pm, 14th July – Hertfordshire Development Centre, Stevenage

Changing Community Services Together 9-1pm, 12th September – Hampson Park Community Centre, Stevenage

Transforming Supported Living for all 9-1pm, 28th September – Gadebridge Community Centre, Hemel Hempstead

Providing Support in People’s Homes (Spot Accreditation for All Client Groups) 9-1pm, 16th October – St. Nicholas Community Centre, Stevenage

Launching the Accommodation Strategy 1-5pm, 13th November – Welwyn Civic Centre, Welwyn

Supporting individuals with substance misuse issues 1-5pm, 8th December – St. Nicholas Centre, Stevenage